A week of mixed emotions…

This week I have once again learnt to never take a moment for granted, as things can change in the blink of an eye.

Edith went back to school this week and I have to say, it was a welcome relief. She loves school and we both struggle in the holidays. Routine is of the upmost importance with Edith and as soon as that goes she seems to become a shadow of herself when she is at school.

The half term didn’t start well with Edith behaving very oddly and this lasted until Thursday/Friday. We still aren’t sure why and there is a long list of options (as always) including; the clock change, routine change, virus (although no temperature), end of term lag….who knows!! Anyway, when Monday came, she and I were both happy to resume our routine.

Tuesday started the same as any other. I volunteer at Springboard on a Tuesday and was just having a bit of lunch when I noticed missed calls from both my dad and my sister. Upon listening to the voicemails from them both is became clear very quickly that something serious was happening. My poor dad was having an acute stroke. I quickly got to where he was and an ambulance was already on its way. Dad was admitted to Weston General where he was immediately given a drug to try and counteract the effects. Dad had lost quite a bit of understanding and his speech was completely jumbled. I’ve never seen my dad so poorly and it was terrifying. Dad was admitted and then discharged today. He has almost made a full recovery, something the doctors said could happen, but something we didn’t believe at the time. Thank goodness we were wrong. Totally emotionally draining.

Amongst all the stuff with my dad, I had my 6 monthly oncology check up. It will be 5 years next May since I was diagnosed and due to my good health ever since, they have discharged me with an open appointment. This is fantastic news and means that I can wave goodbye to having to visit the hospital, where I relive the trauma each time. St Michael’s is where Edith was born, somewhere I will not go to give birth again, it’s where we were told about the difficulties Edith will face throughout her life and where I was the day I was told I had cancer and that I would need life altering surgery to get rid of it. Not a place I really like going!

To finish on a positive note, Edith is a prominent feature in this months North Somerset Life Magazine! We were asked by the head a few weeks ago to do a case study on Edith to exhibit her difficulties in attending a school so far away from home. This was an opportunity to demonstrate how important building a new school closer to home means to us and how it will impact on family life as well as Edith. We jumped at the chance to help promote this and are always happy to show off our little E!

To say I’m glad it’s Friday would be a massive understatement! I’m hoping the weekend will bring much more positivity!

Thanks for reading x

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