Come fly with me…

So next month we are jetting off to the warm shores of Alcudia in Majorca. To say we need a holiday is a massive under statement and the excitement is now beginning to set in! We booked this holiday last August so it has been a long time coming as our last holiday was January 2016. We are going with my cousin, Laura her husband, Matt and their two young boys, Rupert and Archie who adore Edith.

After Edith’s last hospital admission we were ready to cancel or sell the holiday to another member of the family as the prospect of Edith falling ill in a foreign country seemed beyond comprehensive. Instead, after much deliberation and advice, we have decided to bite the bullet and make our last holiday abroad for a while, a good one.

The amount of organisation involved in taking Edith abroad is immense, it was before all her hospital admissions, now even more so. The first thing on my list of ‘things to do’ was finding a company that would insure Edith to travel. I feel I must just drop in here that Edith has had the date through for her PEG operation – 5 days before we fly (cue jaw drop) but according to her surgeon and several other health care professionals this is perfectly safe, although she won’t be able to go swimming 😦 This obviously needed to be declared along with her other various medical conditions and the fact that she doesn’t have a formal diagnosis. After an hour on the phone to a very helpful broker named Connor, he gave me the best quote from a selection of insurers…..£526 (cue second jaw drop) but for the safety and reassurance of a £10,000,000 medical cover this was worth every penny. This is the only quote I have so far but intend on getting a comparison just in case the nice guy wasn’t as nice as he seemed!!

Next was to speak with our community nurse about Edith’s milk supply whilst we were abroad. She informed me that Edith’s milk is classed as medical supplies (to be checked in at no extra cost) and that the company that supply our milk can either deliver the milk abroad or supply us, free of charge, with a travel trunk. We have opted for the trunk and it arrives tomorrow. This will be filled with various bits, all essential to Edith’s medical needs.

Next up was to call our airline and inform them of our needs at the airport. I contacted them via their ‘special assistance’ number and talked through our needs. I explained that Edith is completely immobile and we would need to take her adapted buggy right up to the aircraft steps and it would also need to be available for us as soon as we get off of the plane. Edith is far too heavy to carry for long periods of time. Next we discussed the need for a special harness to be used in her seat. We already own one but the airline have said that it’s not approved by them and therefore they will have to supply us with one. Due to the nature of the harness we need to sit on the back row of a section of the plane as the harness will hook around the back of the seat in order to support Edith properly. I also needed to declare her need for a feeding pump on board as this contains a lithium battery. All I have to do now is call them to declare the size of her travel trunk when it arrives. I am extremely excited that one of the Springboard mummies whom I am friends with is an air hostess and is going to be on our flight. Hannah, who has a gorgeous little boy that attends Springboard with Edith, has assured me that she has lined up a few special surprises for Edith and is going to make our journey as smooth as possible. What better than to have a person who understands your needs more than most, attending to them!

After all this organising I will definitely need this holiday. We went to Majorca back in 2015 and loved it so much. This time we have our own villa with a private pool. I cannot wait to see Edith’s little face as we explore this beautiful island again as she was so much younger last time. Since being on this milk diet she is so much more lively and alert, I think she will notice things a lot more. Due to the villa only supplying travel cots we think that Edith will have to sleep in a proper bed! We have bought a couple of travel bed guards so she can’t roll out! We have been assured by the couple that rent the villa out, that the private medical care is very good in Majorca and that they have used it several times. Lets just hope it doesn’t come to that. Edith seems much stronger since being discharged. She has had a cold since and coped really well. She is on an antibiotic cover which hopefully means this will stop any viruses turning into nasty infections. When she became unwell before she would stop eating and drinking as it was too much effort for her, where as now we can continue to fill her with all she needs and she can get the rest she needs. I have every confidence this will be a fantastic holiday, I just hope i’m right 😉

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