Turning on a penny…

Edith’s ability to fight a common virus can turn on a penny. So far this year we have managed to avoid any bugs but yesterday after a bit of a miserable Saturday, Edith went downhill very quickly.

We went from miserable toddler with a bit of sniffle on Saturday to Sunday evening breathing erratically and a trip to the on call doctor at Clevedon Cottage Hospital. The Dr did all the usual checks including Edith’s levels of oxygen in her blood, unfortunately the level wasn’t satisfactory and by this point Edith also had a bit of a temperature. He told us he couldn’t let us go home and that we would have to make a trip to children’s A&E. He called ahead to make sure they knew we were coming and they insisted on collecting Edith by ambulance from Clevedon.

The ambulance crew arrived around 15 minutes later and upon seeing Edith they decided we needed some blue lights and sirens on the way. Upon arrival at A&E we were in a bay and with a Dr within 20 minutes. The Dr very quickly decided that Edith would need Opti-Flow (humidified oxygen) to help steady her breathing and oxygen levels. We were taken away from the busy A&E ward to the resuss bays where there was connectivity for an Opti-Flow.

So after various levels of oxygen, bloods, antibiotics, x-ray and a cannula, here we are on the high dependency ward. We have been up all night and Edith is especially exhausted…


We have been told that the x-ray showed that Edith’s lower lobe in her left lung has collapsed which explains how unwell she is but they are still testing for why. Our nurse has taken a throat swab and has sent it to the lab to be tested for viruses and infections. This collapse may also be down to the aspiration that Edith has been suffering with. Thankfully we have so far avoided the dreaded NG tube and they are giving her fluids through a drip.

I reckon Edith saw my post about the Easter egg donations and decided she didn’t want to miss out 😉

All in all we are feeling sorry for ourselves, not to mention it’s a thousand degrees in our room and the window is nailed shut! But thank small mercys we have our own room so we can actually relax when the doctors and nurses aren’t in here. It looks like we are in for a few days at least! Edith is catching up on some much needed sleep, so I’d thought I’d post a little update on the rollercoaster ride 😊 I will try and update as we go providing she is stable.



6 thoughts on “Turning on a penny…

  1. Little E is a little fighter and never stops surprising people. It’s partly because she has such amazing and strong parents. Sending you much love and best wishes xxxx.


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