Planting that seed of doubt…

No one wants to believe that there might be something wrong with their unborn child, but at our 20 week scan the sonographer placed a small seed of doubt in my mind. Although I have never spoken of this to Dan (Edith’s daddy) I think from that day on there was a teeny, tiny, subconscious part of me that felt all was not well. I never voiced or even consciously thought about this during the last 20 weeks of my pregnancy, yet on reflection it seems all the more significant.

“The head and abdomen are measuring above the upper average limit” these were the exact words of the midwife at the hospital when she told us that, although this was not unusual it was something to be monitored. We were due to head to Bournemouth that afternoon to meet my sister and her husband for a weekend away, and thoughts (and google) of what this may mean filled my head on the journey. After a few tears and discussions with my older and wiser sister, the matter was pushed to the back of my mind and that was where it stayed.

The next 20 weeks passed and during this period (as the midwife advised) I was monitored. This just meant a series of extra scans to make sure the baby was growing safely and consistently. I suffered with repeated UTI’s and was put on a prophylactic course of antibiotics for these. I also experienced a couple of episodes of reduced foetal movement, which again was monitored and when doing so it showed that our little one was kicking but I just couldn’t always feel it (little did I know this was a sign of her poor muscle tone). I was re-assured that the baby was growing larger but this was consistent, and at a whopping 9lb 1oz at birth this certainly tied in.

I slowly started to feel easier about the words from the 20 week scan and focused on preparing myself for labour. Then 3 days before her due date at 06:55 on Wednesday 12th February 2014, Edith Victoria Andres entered my world and what a roller coaster she would take me on….

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